You’re a member of a medium size company located in Nashville that designs, manufactures, and markets fishing lures. Sounds fairly simple, yes? Not really. To make your company really grow, you’ll have to be on the forefront of the industry. The CEO has committed funds and distributed tasks of R&D, marketing, and advertising to promote the company. The group is going to take the product to the consumer but this involves travel, dispersing members from their company headquarters.

R&D is sending a member to Los Angeles to attend a seminar on emerging polymer technologies and will be reporting back to R&D offices daily on promising materials for the lures. Marketing is headed for a road trip through Florida and Georgia to promote company products at a series of hunting and fishing shows where they will be targeting sporting goods stores.

Advertising is headed to a lake off the Texas gulf coast for gathering information promoting a newly released bass lure. How can these people retain their collaborative work environment that has worked so successfully?

Using Groove Workspace™, a collaborative workgroup software by Groove Networks:

The marketing member working a booth at the hunting and fishing show can collaborate in real-time with the advertising member documenting the use of the company’s newest lure at a remote lake in Texas using streaming video via a satellite modem connection to demonstrate techniques for using the lure. Prospective customers can correspond with the advertising member, asking questions, using Instant Messenger.

At eight o’clock in the morning, headquarters has questions regarding the buoyancy of a new polymer that the R&D member has posted using Outlook. A voice message can be left and when the R&D member wakes up, can respond using live voice over the system.

The possibilities are too numerous to describe!

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