Computers come with at least one hard disk drive and one floppy disk drive. Some have a CD drive or a CD/DVD drive as well. 

Floppy disk drive
This drive hold 3.5 floppy disks. The disk removal button that is beside the drive door lets you know when a disk is in the drive. When the drive has a disk in it, the button sticks out. When it is empty, the button does not stick out. Push the button to remove the disk. This drive is usually called the A drive.

Hard disk drive
This drive does not have drive doors. The hard drive is inside the computer case. It is usually called the C drive.

CD/DVD drive  
This drive can hold a CD disk or a DVD disk. Push the button on the CD tray to open it. Place the disk on the tray. Gently push the tray to close it. This drive is usually called the D drive.

Practice inserting and removing disks from the A drive and the D drive. Watch the status lights on the drives. Do not remove the disk while the status lights are on because the drive is being accessed. 

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Introduction to Computers
Developed by Alyce Bunting, Jintavee Monsakul, and Donna Green

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