Floppy Disks

In order to properly use a floppy disk, follow this information.

Insert into the proper drive 
     The computer drive for the floppy disk is commonly referred to as the A Drive. To read the information contained on the floppy disk, insert the disk into the A Drive slot on the computer.

Initialize/format disk (Erase)
Double-click on My Computer icon to open it. Click on 31/2 Floppy (A): icon to highlight it. In the menu bar, click on File. Click on Format. Click Start button in Format dialog box. When the disk is formatted, close the dialog boxes


Place label on disk 
   In order to identify the information contained on the disk without having to insert it into the computer, most disks come with adhesive-backed labels to attach to the disks. The names of the files can then be written on the labels. 

Remove from Drive 
      Next to the door where the disk is inserted in the computer is a button.  Pressing this button will cause the disk to be ejected from the drive.                                                                           

Why would you want to put a label on the disk with the name of the file contained on the disk?

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