Care of Computer

After purchasing a computer, you definitely will want to take care of your investment.

General care
  With just a little care, your computer will continue to give you maximum performance. Here are some computer care tips:
Keep your computer away from direct sources of heat (like space heaters).
Do not eat or drink when you use your computer.
Clean the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner nozzle equipped with a brush tool, and periodically clean the air vents on the side and back of the monitor with the vacuum brush.
Turn the monitor off to clean it, and use only a soft cloth with no soaps or chemicals. 
To help keep the keyboard clean, wash your hands before using the computer. When dirty, wipe the keyboard keys with a soft cloth, moistened with a mild cleanser.
Dust and cobwebs can accumulate in the CPU case. Once a year, remove the case cover. If there is an accumulation of dust and     cobwebs, use a can of compressed air to blast the debris away. Be careful, however, not to poke and prod the computer's internal components! Static discharges can destroy sensitive electronic components.
  Invest in a good quality surge protector. Plugging your computer into a surge protector instead of directly into the wall outlet will protect your computer from surges of electricity which might cause an overload to the sensitive components, and damage the computer.

Virus protection
A virus is a small piece of software that piggy-backs on real programs, and causes the computer to perform certain unwanted functions. There are several types of viruses:
E-mail virus, which moves around in e-mail messages and usually replicates itself by automatically mailing itself to addresses in the victim's e-mail address book.   
                Worm, which is a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself
Trojan Horse, which is a normal computer program that claims to do one thing but in reality will do another thing, namely, cause damage when you run it.
     The best way to protect yourself against a computer virus is with an anti-virus program. These anti-virus programs check the computer for viruses and repair damaged or deleted files that are infected with the virus.  Most companies that market anti-virus programs provide copies of their programs that can be down-loaded for free and used for a short period of time. The best way to protect yourself from viruses is to buy the copy of the anti-virus program. Since viruses are constantly being created, you will need to provide continuing protection for your computer. Purchasing the anti-virus program will provide you with updates for your anti-virus program so you can deal with new viruses as they come out. 

You have just purchased a new computer.  What steps will you take to ensure that your computer will give you dependable service for a long time to come?

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