Software is instructions executed by the computer. 

There are two major types of software:
  System software
          This is a program that controls the computer and runs the application programs. It includes the operating system and all the utilities that enable the computer to function.
     Application software
This is a program that processes data for the user. It includes productivity software, such as word processing, 

To install software from a disk, place the disk in the proper drive. The install dialog box (wizard) should appear on the desktop. If not, follow the directions that came with the software. 

Note: Some software runs from the hard drive only. Others run from the disk, so it must be in the drive when you are using the program.

Important: If you download software from the Internet, be careful. It is easy to get a computer virus this way. Before you download from the Internet, make sure that it is a reliable source.

To uninstall software open Start menu and point to Control Panel. In the  Control Panel window,

double-click Add/Remove Programs.   When the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box opens, click on the program you want to uninstall. Then click the Remove button

When the  uninstall wizard begins, follow the steps. 

Note: Do not just delete the program because that may not delete all the files associated with the program. 

Think about these questions: What software programs came with your computer? What programs would you like to install?

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