Windows refer to the display on the desktop that shows options for opening files and other information, or displaying those files and information. 

Opening and Closing Windows 
Open a window by either clicking on an  icon, or by clicking on the  Start button , and clicking on the option on the menu that you want to open.
Close a window by clicking on the Close button, as illustrated below.

Practice opening and closing windows on your desktop.

Parts of a Window 
     The basic parts of the window, as illustrated in the picture below are:
Title Bar: Contains the title of currently running program, as well as the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons.
Tool Bar: Displays icon menu of main options (hold the pointer over the icon for a description of the icon.)
Status Bar: Shows current status of the window, including hints.
Task Bar: Displays the program and shows which windows are open. The Start button is also located here.

Locate and name all the parts of the window.

     If a window is not large enough to display all of the information, a scroll bar appears at the side and/or bottom of the  window. You can drag the scroll bar or click the scroll arrows.

Practice scrolling through the information on a window.

Moving and Resizing 
To move a window to a different place on the screen, so that other windows can be viewed, place the pointer on the title bar, and drag the window to another location.
To change a window's size or shape, use one of the following two methods:
Use the buttons in the upper-right corner of the window. The button with the minus sign will reduce or minimize the window. The button with the box in the middle will enlarge or maximize the window. The button with the double-box figure will return the window to its previous size.
Move the pointer to the window border. When the pointer changes shape, drag the border to enlarge, reduce, or change the shape of the window.

Look at the first illustration on this page to see the maximize, minimize, and close buttons and the resize arrows. Practice maximizing, minimizing, restoring, closing, and resizing windows.

Opening Multiple Windows 
You can open as many windows as you want. The task bar will display the windows that are open. The highlighted one will be the one currently open. The others can be displayed by placing the pointer over the title of the window on the task bar and clicking.

Discuss the various components displayed on the desktop when a window is opened.


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