At times you will need help when you are using your computer or using particular programs. Your computer programs provide such help.

Windows Help
        Click the Start button on the Task Bar. Point to Help and Support on the Start menu.
Click Help and Support. The Windows Help and Support Center window opens.

         Search for help by using the following options:
Search:  Type the keyword or part of a keyword to get a list of topics using that keyword.
Pick a Help Topic: Use it to search for information on a broad topic.
Ask for Assistance:  Use it to get online help.
Pick a Task: Gives you several tool options and takes you to the needed tool when you click on the option.

Programs Help
      In the menu-bar click on Help. A pull-down menu will appear. Click on Help. You will get a Help window for that program

Practice opening the Windows help and a program help. Do you see how you can use these to help you with anything that is not covered in this workshop?       

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Introduction to Computers
Developed by Alyce Bunting, Jintavee Monsakul, and Donna Green

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